22 April 2010

Dearest Wormhole Neighbors:

I will chop off your arm. When you decide to run away from me, I will tase your body so that you are so filled with pain and terror that you wet yourself. While you're lying there twitching from the electric shock, I will douse your body in gasoline and burn you to a hideous char. Since I am not entirely without mercy, I will graciously douse the flames with my own urine. As you try to crawl away on your charred, urine-soaked hands and knees, I will stand on your back and ride your decrepit, failing body. I will then pull out a machete, and sever your head. THEN I SHALL PLAY SOCCER WITH YOUR HEAD. Following which, I shall play catch with the dogs with your head. And when your charred, urine soaked head provides no more amusement for the dogs, I will smash it like a hellish Gallagher with a sledgehammer, splattering brains all about. (ingame).

This is for you, Quantum Conglomerate.

I ninja into your wormhole while you're running sites, and as the tower comes up and starts coming online, I issue a friendly greeting in local.


Any polite, caring person would say hello, nice to meet you, and then proceed to the killing/pew pew.

You took my olive branch, snapped it over your knee, and pissed on it. This is unforgivable.

However, I have solutions for dealing with people like you.

Since I can't take your tower out by my lonesome in a class 3 since I can't get a dread...


What was your wormhole, and could have been ours through co-operation, will be mine through overwhelming, completely unnecessary force.

And glorious force it shall be.

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