14 April 2010

First Blood

...and damn was it easy.

This is going to be fun. After about a half hour chatting with one of AWI- oh wait, I'm jumping into this far too soon, aren't I?

Right. Yarrow Shipbuilders kinda fell to the wayside when I saw this.


Alright. Go take a look. I'll wait.

Done? Yeah, I know! Shiny things! They lose them so often. So. Yeah. Yarrow Shipbuilders I don't care about.

Okay, back to the story. After about a half hour chatting with one of AWI's better combat pilots and faffing around in a Stabber trying to catch two t1 frigs while getting shot at by a Nighthawk, I decide that screw it, I'ma dock and get some food.

After successfully "forcing" me to dock, AWI decides to camp me in. I'm being camped by a Nighthawk, an Apoc, and a Thorax. The Nighthawk leaves while I'm grabbing food, and so just an Apoc and Thorax are camping me.


Should have brought more firepower. I would have had the Apoc too, but he had the presence of mind to deaggress and redock when he hit about 80% structure. Alas. You can't have them all. And they took me to a whopping 93% armor. Dear God.

More to come, including the RP post and video (whenever I figure out how to edit those well.)

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