10 April 2010

A concurrent investigation

While the unfortunate realities of timezone differences has kept me from engaging Vladimir Norkoff at this time, I feel that I should open up a second avenue of things for me to shoot.

Enter Yarrow Shipbuilders.

To: Alfred Yarrow
From: SolusLunes

Good day, sir.

As you are the CEO of the Yarrow Shipbuilders corporation, I feel I am obligated to let you know that the services of Griefing Inc have been contracted for an investigation on your illegal activities in the New Eden universe.

The paperwork is currently being processed through our corporation before being forwarded to CONCORD for approval, so we may have a second remedy available to you. A sufficient donation to the coffers of Griefing Incorporated, say a sum of one hundred million isk, will result in the war declaration paperwork being horribly misfiled into the shredder.

We eagerly await your response.

Griefing Inc CEO

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