08 May 2010

Griefing Inc's newest educational offering!

First off, let me wrap up loose ends from the last blog post: the day after I posted that, my dearest wormhole neighbors moved out. Aww. I think naming the X-Large assembly array "The Dread Works" and linking them to this blog was a bit of a tip off.

Next: Our first student!

Congratulations on your enrollment!
From: SolusLunes
Sent: 2010.05.08 09:57
To: Ankhesentapemkah, 

Dear Ankhesentepemkah,

I speak on behalf of Griefing Inc's education division when I say I'm thrilled you chose us for your CONCORD-sanctioned combative education classes! It is also my pleasure to inform you that your course materials will be delivered within (hopefully) 48 hours and we can get down to business. I'll be your (and the rest of your alliance, if they should so desire) personal tutor. Don't worry about there being too many students- I've made absolutely certain that I've brought enough ammo for everybody.

Should you wish to disenroll in this class (which would make our education division unspeakably sad, as you're one of our most promising students,) it is unfortunate that we have a 500 million isk disenrollment fee. But I'm certain that you completely agree with us when we say you'll get the best quality of classes available anywhere in New Eden!

Fly safe (until we find you,) and we've got six barrels of red hot leaden education aimed straight at you and your friends!

With regards,
Griefing Inc Education Division CEO


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